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Do you need a funeral director?

Is it necessary to hire a funeral director?

Due to complexity around legislation and policy of cemetery & crematoriums it IS necessary to hire a funeral director.

You are able make all your own event management preparations like venues, music, catering and more. However the transport and storage of the deceased have statutory requirements that are complex and require approval from the State Director-General if you want to use your own home or transport. The burial or cremation require the services of a qualified funeral director also. Many of the cemeteries and crematoriums will not talk directly to the public but only via your chosen funeral director. And then section of the paperwork required about the disposal of the body can only be completed by a funeral director.

How to choose a funeral director?

There are plenty of funeral directors around, how do you decide who is best for your situation?
Basically consider these steps
* Compare prices
* Check reputation and reviews
* Is their location right
* Confirm the services the funeral director offers
* Ask about payment options
* Lookup qualifications
* Go with someone who you feel can support you in a caring and compassionate way.

Maurer Family Funerals is located in Chatswood and Balgowlah.

Maurer Family Funerals is proudly Australian owned, family-managed and operated.  We are a Sydney Funeral Director with Funeral Homes on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Your decision on who to arrange the funeral call may include a number of factors like the funeral director’s experience and reputation. Are they a company owned by a multi-national or Australian owned and operated?

“A commitment to service, integrity, honesty and compassion.”

To ensure an Australian organisation is attending to your family’s funeral arrangements, ownership should be established before engaging their services.

When you call Maurer Family Funerals the strength of our reputation and the confidence it inspires stems from a commitment to service, integrity, honesty and compassion, which has remained constant in our family for over four generations.

We, as a family, are actively involved and are proud to continue these traditions so fundamental in providing personal attention to detail.

Do you need a funeral director?

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