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What to wear to a funeral?

What is appropriate funeral attire?

The appropriate attire for a funeral or memorial service is simple: dress to show respect for the person whose life you are remembering. This means selecting clothes that are appropriate for the person you are celebrating.

Do you have to wear black to a funeral?

Traditionally, more conservative attire is favoured with smart casual in darker colours. Suit and tie may best represent the occasion of the memorial. Don’t worry about being overdressed, the family will appreciate your show of respect.

Australian funeral dress code

What to wear to a funeral in Sydney?

In the Sydney North Shore plateau, many of Maurer Family Funerals memorials are held on the Sydney Northern Beaches – at surf clubs, surfers laying a reef past the waves. Flip-flops and boardies may be appropriate if that is an occasion of the memorial and the person you are commemorating.

We also conduct many funerals with a focus on sports teams, clubs and other associations. For these funerals the best show of respect may be to wear the uniform, colours and badges. If you can’t wear the outfit then do bring some small memorial with you of the connection you had with the deceased.

If you do feel strongly about a choice of attire, then ask the family or funeral co-ordinating.

Just remember it is not you in the spotlight for this event, so we only ask that you dress to be courteous.