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What to do when someone passes​

At some time during our lives, death will touch and affect us all. Arranging a funeral will fall to a family member or close friend and can cause much pain and grief.  It can change our lives in many ways.

Despite its inevitability, death is rarely discussed and as a result, death and its consequences are often not understood. While no one wants to dwell on the subject, some understanding of death can help us prepare for its eventuality. This includes having a basic knowledge of how to cope with the practicalities associated with death and what to do when someone dies.

Who do I contact?

Whether a death occurs at home, in hospital or a public place, the first person contacted is generally a doctor.

Legally, a death certificate must be signed by a doctor or the coroner who will be able to explain what steps, if any, are needed to establish the cause of death. At this stage, a priest or minister may also be called.

Besides family members and friends, the next person to be called is the funeral director who will arrange the transfer of the deceased and can begin making the desired funeral arrangements.

We at Maurer Family Funerals are here to help and assist you at any hour of the day or night.

Choosing a funeral director

The decision who to call may depend on a number of factors including the funeral director’s experience and reputation.

There are many funeral companies owned by multi-nationals.

To ensure an Australian organisation is attending to your family’s funeral arrangements, ownership should be established before engaging their services.

Maurer Family Funerals is proudly Australian owned, family-managed and operated.

When you call Maurer Family Funerals the strength of our reputation and the confidence it inspires stems from a commitment to service, integrity, honesty and compassion, which has remained constant in our family for over four generations.

We, as a family, are actively involved and are proud to continue these traditions so fundamental in providing personal attention to detail.

Maurer Family Funerals is proudly Australian owned, family-managed and operated.