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Funeral arrangements
When faced with making funeral arrangements, most people have no prior experience in doing so and it can be overwhelming.
MAURER & BRACKS provide a wide range of services to suit your precise needs. We will help you organise an appropriate, significant service while at the same time personalising each funeral. We can discuss these arrangements with you in your own home, where you may feel more comfortable, or at our office, whichever you prefer.
While some people may have a clear knowledge of the arrangements they wish to make, others may avail themselves of the many options MAURER & BRACKS have available before making any decisions. Our role is to guide and advise you on the many matters which need consideration.
Funerals of your choice
Funerals can be as different as the people they recognise. Our main purpose is to help the bereaved in the initial stages of their grief. Whilst funerals are sad occasions, a meaningful funeral can help and can be a source of strength, hope and peace.
Decisions to be made include:
  • When and where you would like the funeral to be held - our chapel, a church, crematorium or graveside.
  • The type of service you desire - religious, non-religious, clergy, celebrant or family member.
  • Which coffin or casket.
  • Favourite clothing for the deceased.
  • A viewing can play an important part in the resolution of grief.
  • Whether family or friends will be involved with the eulogy or readings.
  • Flowers, music, motor vehicles, press notices and any other relevant matters of personal choice.
  • This is only a small selection of the options we offer.